Winter Bible Seminar





Winter Bible Seminar 2019 International Homecoming (WBS 2019) is a special International Homecoming where the Rhema family around the world have been given a special invitation. The seminar is a weeklong seminar on the Rhema campus in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It runs in conjunction with Homecoming for Rhema Bible Training College graduates from around the world. The event kicks off Sunday, at 6:00 p.m. For the remainder of the week, there are three-morning sessions (8:30, 9:30 & 10:30) and one evening session (7:00) Monday through Friday.


WBS Rhema Worldwide Homecoming Trip 2019 is an opportunity offered to a number RBTC Zambia Team Members, Alumni, students and partners. The conference trip purpose is 5-fold:


  • Allow team members to experience first-hand Rhema Bible Training College, USA, during Winter Bible Seminar & Worldwide Alumni Homecoming.
  • Provide capacity and vision enhancement by visiting and touring Rhema Bible Church and one of the top Christian Universities in the USA, Oral Roberts University. Some things can only be ‘caught’ and not taught.
  • To build networks with Rhema Tulsa alumni leaders in specialized areas in ministries e.g. Children, Youth, First Impressions, Worship etc
  • It is a great relationship building time among team members and networking with people from other Rhema countries.
  • And a lot of fun as a team!



The cost for the conference is made up of two payment plans, room sharing and non-sharing.

  1. The first payment plan is for those that are non-sharing accommodation at a cost of $1,800.

The payment plan is broken down as below:


  • First instalment: $900 (non refundable)
  • Second Instalment: $300
  • Third Instalment: $300
  • Fourth Instalment: $900


  1. The second payment plan is for those that are sharing accommodation and the cost is $1,520. The payment plan is broken down as below:


  • First instalment: $620 (Non refundable)
  • Second Instalment: $300
  • Third Instalment: $300
  • Fourth Instalment: $300


Please note that these costs cover the following:


  • Accommodation (includes continental breakfast)
  • Transport within Tulsa
  • Lunch at the conference
  • T-Shirt




All delegates are to cover their air tickets, visa and travel insurance, and are responsible to email or give hard copies of the following to Rhema Zambia:

  • Proof of purchase/ paid air ticket
  • Proof of approved American visa
  • Proof of travel insurance


Rhema Zambia will provide you with a support letter to assist with your visa application.

For American Embassy visa application, please click here






Can someone from another church attend?


Yes, but they will have to come for the interviews like everyone else.


Can someone in the USA attend and be with the Rhema Zambia group?


Yes, but all finances will be on the same deadline and paid to Rhema in Zambia.


Can an additional person be accommodated in my room at no cost?


No, all persons staying in a shared room MUST pay the full cost.


Can I visit other places during my time in the USA?


Yes, provided this is done before or after the conference.






Registration for the 2019 conference will be closed on Friday, 31 August 2018.