Relationship Nutrients

As we end the network feature this month, we explore Dr. John Townsend’s book People Fuel, where he illustrates the 4 quadrants or areas in our lives where we can refuel and outsource to grow while running our ministry marathons as leaders.
So what are the quadrants?

  1. Be Present: Sometimes we just need someone to “be there” for us, and with us, when we are having a challenge. Being present means that the person is interested, engaged, listening well and tuned in to our emotional state. If you have ever been overwhelmed and upset, have someone give you lots of advice instead of just “being there” with you.

  2. Convey the Good: When we have had a struggle or a failure, it is easy for us to become discouraged. The relational nutrients in this Quadrant provide encouragement, respect, and affirmation for us.

  3. Provide Reality: If you have ever had a complicated relationship or work problem, you know how much you need insight, perspective or feedback from another. Those conversations, which get to the “Why” of our challenge are enlightening and clarifying for us.

  4. Call to Action: Sometimes we need someone to help us get off our ends and take some practical step! That might mean advice to make a plan or have a conversation we have been avoiding, or take a needed risk.

If we do not attend to these quadrants, we will run low on resources, energy, and productivity.

You can download a free digital table about the relational nutrients quadrants on



In 2008, the Lord spoke to me about waiting for my time and put in my heart that I should submit to a ministry. I took time to pray for direction and the Lord sent me back to a ministry that I had left six years before as a result of persecution. I gathered courage and made an appointment to meet the Bishop and three months later, I was accepted back. The Lord revealed to me in a vision that things were not going to be easy, and they were not. I endured because this was the place God chose for me to submit as I waited for my appointed time. In 2013, I decided to go to Bible college and I found myself at Rhema Bible Training Center Zambia.

I was financially handicapped, but God provided for me during my training and I graduated in 2014. I continued to submit under the same ministry until God spoke to me about outreach and ministering to women. To this day, I have seen God’s faithfulness.

The Lord continued to tell me that my time had come, but there were a lot of stumbling blocks on my way to being released into my ministry. While the enemy was fighting my vision, I began the process of registering my ministry and was registered under the registrar of Societies in 2015. God was faithful and He showed me that my ministry would be located in Chongwe. In 2018, I moved to Chongwe and planted the first Church under my Bishop’s ministry. I almost gave up on my vision, but God remained faithful to his promise and fought my battles for me.

I handed over the Church on the 25th of August 2019 as the Lord instructed and was finally released with a blessing after eleven years of serving. We have now planted our first Church under Unstoppable Voice Church and Outreach Ministries International. Doors have opened up for me and I have experienced divine favor, and connections. We found a venue at Council Rest House Hall and moved there on 29 September 2019.

Surely God’s time is the best.

Emelia Chinyundo (2014

Small Groups 

RECHARGE is a safe and healthy environment where Rhema Alumni of the same interests and career paths, can be encouraged and find support for one another in smaller groups.

It is a platform for communication, care, sharing victories and challenges, supporting each other spiritually, materially and remain committed to the Rhema Spirit.

We invite you to join a RECHARGE group in January 2020. Contact the Rhema Alumni office via email about how you can register.

God created us to connect with others and thrive. There is grace for you in others!

Do you want your family, friends, and leaders in your local church to find their purpose in life?

Rhema Zambia is enrolling for the January 2020 intake. Application Forms are K50 for both Morning and Evening Classes and are available at the Rhema Office and on Invite someone to attend an open day at Rhema Zambia for free and they will experience the word of Faith and Rhema first hand.

Encourage them to enroll with us today, to be empowered to do exploits for Jesus.Do you want your family, friends, and leaders in your local church to find their purpose in life?


Rhema Alumni Association of Zambia (RAAZ) invites all Rhema Alumni to the 8th Graduation ceremony for the Class of 2019 on Friday, 30 November 2019 at 10:00 hours in the MLFC main auditorium.

Following the graduation, RAAZ will hold a welcome celebration for the new graduates and all Alumni are welcome.


Rhema Zambia cannot accomplish all that it is meant to accomplish without partners. A large percentage of the tuition needed for RBTCZ students is supplemented through partners of the ministry, so that more students can afford to attend. You are not just giving money; you are sowing into people’s lives. We need men and women of God who believe in the vision of Rhema Zambia to partner with us financially and through prayer. Would you consider giving to Rhema Zambia to help us do more for God and fulfill what He has called us to do? If so, please go to the Rhema office to make your donation or simply make a cash deposit into the Rhema Zambia account.

Bank Name: First National Bank
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God has given us the power to possess that which He has bestowed on us through Christ Jesus. The confession of His word by faith is the key that opens the door to the incomparable blessing waiting for us. Mark Hankins illustrates how our confession takes us to victory. 



The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey: Bestselling author Dave Ramsey is less a financial analyst and more of a preacher, which explains both his popularity and the appeal of this book, which just might gain a wide audience. The bedrock of his system is simple: work hard, pay what you owe and stay out of debt. His main commandment is “Pay cash.” He first exhorts the reader to take “baby steps,” which are designed to build on each other.
Advanced Strategic Planning by Aubrey Malphurs: In this expanded edition, Church Leadership consultant Aubrey Malphurs provides practical advice for Churches to articulate their vision, implement their mission, and align their identity and direction.
 Slaying The Debt Dragon by Cherie Lowe: Long live the Queen of Free! Practical, witty and downright inspirational, Cherie’s debt-slaying book will lead you out of the dark pit of debt dragons to a place of hope and financial freedom with “been-there, don’t-do-that” wisdom.