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Transformational Leadership

By John C. Maxwell

Being a transformational leader is a lifetime commitment. Being given an opportunity to change a nation and beyond, takes commitment and perseverance.

Transformational leadership enables us to start a movement that is life changing and all glory goes to God. As Rhema alumni leaders, we have to make our lives count by influencing and changing people’s lives. We have to believe that we can bring real change. Challenging as it might be, let us lean in and be a light where darkness and lack of knowledge dwells. We might even lose the ‘perfect ‘ reputations we have built as we stand up and do what is right, but how can we gain our lives unless we lose them for the sake of Christ? For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it. Luke 9:24

John C. Maxwell said that leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts, but it is about one life influencing another. He further states that being a transformational leader is a calling and not a career. You can resign from a career, but not a calling. Our lives should empower and influence others to see God’s love and we must see to it that their lives are ultimately changed. We have to stand up for a cause (Vision), teach Godly principles (His Word) and provide a leadership lift in the lives of others.

However, we cannot bring the change and lead people to a place we have never been or give them what we do not have. Our own life transformation should be a testimony of how God’s power and purpose change lives, families, Churches, and communities. Jesus is the best example to follow. He showed us how to model transformational leadership by changing the world forever. We live by faith because we heard and saw His life through the Word of God. He poured Himself into and changed the lives of 12 Disciples and now we are over 2.2 billion Christians around the world.

So, how can we model Jesus and start a movement of transformational leadership?

  1. Take risks and steps of faith
  2. Be passionate about the vision God gave you
  3. Be willing to learn, be humble and depend on God
  4. Expand your influence and invest resources in the transformation of leaders.
Help others to grow in ways they never thought they would, impact your community, and leave a legacy in our nation. Yes, it will take time, but when we believe, we can change nations for God. Jesus poured Himself into His disciples for over 3 years, teaching, coaching and empowering them to do ministry.

Challenge: Do you believe that we can have an exponential change in our nation? If yes, then get ready for God to use you.



After going through Rhema Bible Training Center Zambia with Catherine and graduating in 2013 & 2015 respectively, our lives were changed forever. We learned the importance of walking by faith and being led by the Holy Spirit in everyday life and ministry.

The training we received helped us as we stepped out into ministry and to a new location, Chipata, Eastern Province. We had to trust God as we met a lot of challenges along the way. Getting to Chipata was a step of faith as our car was stolen the same week we were scheduled to travel. Many people discouraged us, but we decided to trust God to supply our needs, knowing it was His will that we move to the Eastern province for ministry. We had to obey Him all the way.

Rhema prepared us in our prayer life, walk of faith and how to lead for the challenges that lay ahead. We blended into the new culture and way of life that we were introduced to and we become part of the community. Rhema did not only teach us theoretically but the practical aspect of ministry. We thank God for having given us the opportunity to be trained under Rhema and we encourage alumni to put into practice every principle learned. Then ministry will become easier as we work in the Lord’s vineyard.


The Power House Academy is an organization that reaches out to children and youth with the gospel through sports. Our vision is to see children and youth growing in Godly character, a self-sustaining generation that is able to impact families, communities, and the nation in a positive way. The environment in which Power House operates is one plagued with high levels of poverty, illiteracy, drug abuse, prostitution and a dependency syndrome that has paralyzed minds into only receiving free things. People do not believe that they can put their hands to something and be self-reliant, producing for their homes and enough to help others. As the Bible says, we are the light of the world and Power House is being used by God to bring hope and lead the children and youth on a different path, which will change their lives for the better with Christ. Chipata also has a high Muslim population with many being drawn to the religion because of the financial and material support they receive on a monthly basis from the Muslim community. We have many children whose parents are unable to send them to school; this only increases the number of young people inclined to poor life and spiritual choices.

Going through the Rhema Bible Training program prepared us to walk by faith as we reach out to the community with the gospel of Christ, trusting that He is fully able to supply the needs of both our family and the ministry. It equipped us to look to God as our source and not man. It enabled us to be ministers who think outside the box and see opportunities where others may have not. Every time we go through the lessons we learned, we are encouraged to go on with the work of God. Truly, the Rhema training program is practical when you get into the field and it has made a big difference in our family and ministry.

William (2013) & Cathrine Mvula (2015)


Rhema Zambia cannot accomplish all that it is meant to accomplish without partners. A large percentage of the tuition needed for RBTCZ students is supplemented through partners of the ministry, so that more students can afford to attend. You are not just giving money; you are sowing into people’s lives. We need men and women of God who believe in the vision of Rhema Zambia to partner with us financially and through prayer. Would you consider giving to Rhema Zambia to help us do more for God and fulfill what He has called us to do? If so, please go to the Rhema office to make your donation or simply make a cash deposit into the Rhema Zambia account.
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God has given us the power to possess that which He has bestowed on us through Christ Jesus. The confession of His word by faith is the key that opens the door to the incomparable blessing waiting for us. Mark Hankins illustrates how our confession takes us to victory. 



Love & War by John and Stasi Eldredge – In this book, they share, engage readers by sharing very openly about their marriage. The book offers the reader a chance to see and understand things from how their partner could be perceiving things. This is a great read for married women who want to find move their marriage to far deeper levels of joy.

When it Feels like the Sky is Falling by Norman Wright – This fantastic piece of literature is full of words of wisdom for us in a world where we are often gripped by unplanned, unexpected events like when a loved one is suddenly admitted to hospital or we experience a traumatic event.

 Praying God’s Will for Your Life by Stormie Omartian – This is not a book about how to attract the perfect partner of behaving perfectly for the partner to return, but rather a book packed with scripture that will guide your prayers so that you are able to live in the will of the Lord