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1. Copy principles not practices.


Principles are almost always transferable. Practices seldom are. You can’t be someone else as effectively as you can be yourself. You’ll lose if you try to compare yourself to someone else’s success. Your success will likely look different from anyone else’s.

2. Don’t trip over your own humility.


It’s great to be humble. I’d advise it if you want to please God. But, don’t refuse to do the right thing because you’re afraid it appears to be self-serving.


3. Limit your energy to a few key areas.


Delegate the rest. I’ve found I’m seldom effective past four or five major initiatives. There are some who think they are super-human. But, they are almost always wrong.


4. Don’t be afraid to make people wait for excellence.


I see leaders burnout and be far less effective because they try to do everything at once. It’s okay to say no. In fact, it’s actually healthy.


5. If you ever lack energy inside the building.


Get outside the building. I see pastors get so frustrated at the lack of progress. They beat themselves up because things aren’t changing fast enough. They lose their energy dealing with the negativity of change. I say to those pastors, get back to the coffee shops. Talk to people outside the church. Fuel yourself with a world that’s changing faster than we can capture on the nightly news. It’s actually what most of us have been called to do. Make disciples. And, when the disciples in the church start arguing over potlucks, get outside — into the community and refuel your passion with people searching for hope. And, watch your energy rise.


6. Invest in a few key leaders.


You can’t invest effectively in everyone who’s trying to follow you. Jesus had lots of followers. He had 12 disciples.
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We started our ministry work in 2007 as directors of a faith-based organization called East Gate Ministries. 
We held marriage and youth seminars where we invited and got the attention of pastors, churches and other faith-based organizations. 

Rhema Bible Training Center helped us with practical ministry training, adding to our previous professional and ministry experiences. Since graduating in 2013, my wife and I have been able to counsel couples, youth, and leaders from different towns and churches. We have benefited from working with other Rhema graduates with the help of the Rhema Alumni Association. This has helped to establish our ministry in places that we could not access before including the Copperbelt, Lusaka and Southern provinces.    

We have discovered that the prayers, material support, books, as well as other logistical provision offered by Rhema Bible Training Center, are indispensable in the growth and effectiveness of our ministry. Late last year, we were given an opportunity to serve at Miracle Life Family Church as Young Couples Ministry Coordinators. This role has given us an opportunity to learn from many great leaders from across the world.

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God has given us the power to possess that which He has bestowed on us through Christ Jesus. The confession of His word by faith is the key that opens the door to the incomparable blessing waiting for us. Mark Hankins illustrates how our confession takes us to victory. 



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