There is a lot going on in this fast-moving world and it is easy to get caught up in all the busyness of life and forget about our health. Now lets clear the air and say health does not just mean you losing weight and looking skinny, no! It is a deep well balance of your mind, body, and soul.

Taking the time to take care of all three parts requires a little effort, but with commitment, it eventually becomes second nature. Here are a few tips to get the three key areas in unison:

  1. Feed Your Mind: Read books that challenge your mind. You never stop growing, so teach your mind to crave more of the right brain food.
  2. Eat Right: Knowing your body and how it responds to food is very important. Cutting off certain foods abruptly could be dangerous to the body, but the best advice I could give is eating in moderation. Eat only what you need. Take time to chew your food. You will be surprised how much weight you will be in control of.
  3. Hydrate: I cannot over-stress on the point of the right kind of hydration, do not overdo it and neither should you just take a small glass of water to get you through the day. Take about 2 liters of water to take you through the day.
  4. Exercise: It doesn’t have to be intense or some long marathon, but even a quick 10mins could do wonders to your body and your body will thank you later.
  5. Meditate: Take time to clear out your mind. Even 20 to 30mins of nothing but pure silence, cut off from all gadgets and people and take time to quiet your mind. This time is also best to reflect on God’s word. You just might learn to hear God clearly. 

Remember health is wealth. Every day you are either doing one of these two things; building health or bringing disease in yourself.

Martha Mbewe is a 2019 graduate and a fitness instructor. Her passion for health and fitness has enabled her to help people through Fitness Bootcamps and get their fitness on track. She also has a passion for catering

The Equip Africa Conference is an annual three-day conference that takes place in March at Miracle Life Family Church.

The conference is focused on equipping leaders and those serving in the local Church with the necessary tools needed in order to serve effectively. It is a place where godly leaders and those actively serving come together for a time of praise and worship, fellowship and growing in the word.

The next Equip Conference will be held from 20 March – 22 March 2020. This year’s guest speakers are Revs. Walker & Haley Schurz (Zambia), Dean Brown (USA) and Rev. Kirk Dubois (USA)

To Register for the conference, please CLICK HERE.


After graduating from Rhema Bible Training Center Zambia, my life changed and I was transformed. Before Rhema, I was leading the hospitality team at Deliverance Church in Lusaka. It was a struggle because I never knew how to lead a team. I came to Rhema in 2016 with the help of my Pastor, Bishop Fortune Mwiza.

The leadership training I received was helpful in developing me as a leader. For instance, during the courses Developing The Leader Within You and Developing Leaders Around You, Pastor Haley Schurz encouraged me to read more of John C. Maxwell’s material and when I graduated in 2017, I implemented what I learned in the hospitality team and the team grew.

Now, I am not only leading the Hospitality team but also Home Cells, Teens Ministry and the Follow-up department. I am faithful with the small things God brings my way even as I believe that God is taking me to higher places.

Stan Kanto ‘2017



Small Groups 


RECHARGE is a safe and healthy environment where Rhema Alumni of the same interests and career paths, can be encouraged and find support for one another in smaller groups.

It is a platform for communication, care, sharing victories and challenges, supporting each other spiritually, materially and remain committed to the Rhema Spirit.

We invite you to join a RECHARGE group in January 2020. Contact the Rhema Alumni office via email about how you can register.


What a privilege and honor it is to serve God and be entrusted with a glorious assignment such as the Great Commission. This “co-mission” requires us to partner not just with Christ, but with each other as laborers to reach the world for Jesus.

Rhema Zambia partners are vital members of the Rhema family. Through their prayers and financial support, they make it possible for us to reach generations, cultures, and nations to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and the message of faith in God.

If you have been helped, strengthened or blessed through Rhema Zambia or are just looking to contribute to expanding the kingdom of God, we encourage you to become a Rhema Zambia Partner.

Rhema Zambia partners are vital members of the Rhema family. Through their prayers and financial support, they make it possible for us to reach generations, cultures, and nations to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and the message of faith in God.

“God loves a cheerful giver!” 2 Corinthians 9:7

While it is easy to honor God by giving cheerfully, the process of moving our gifts from one point to another requires some effort that is not always practical and efficient. To help you maintain that cheerful giving, we have introduced two new mobile-money giving platforms as can be seen below.

Instructions are as follows:
For Airtel:
Customer dials *778#
Selects Option 4: Make Payment
Selects Option 5: Goods and Services
Select 1. Enter Merchant Code
Enter Business Name  RHEMA *not case sensitive
Enter Amount:

Enter Reference: (If student number was 584)
For students (SP584)
For Alumni  (AP584)
For others (IP584)
Enter pin

Customer dials *303*2*6#
Enter merchant ID: RHEZ:
Enter amount:

Enter the reference: (If student number was 584)
For students (SP584)
For Alumni  (AP584)
For others (IP584)
Enter pin

For example: AP007
Student Partner (SP)
Alumni Partner (AP)
Individual/ Institutional Partner (IP)

Account Number: 62 615 862 697
Account Name: Rhema Bible Training Center Zambia Limited
Bank Name: First National Bank- FNB
Branch Code: 260 001

Airtel Money: +260 889 000 209
MTN Money: +260 762 965 188

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Developing Emotionally Mature Leaders by Aubrey Malphurs: There are many things that make up a great leader. The ability to motivate, to see the big picture and to delegate. But perhaps just as important, if not more so, is the leader’s emotional intelligence (EQ). How we feel impacts how we lead, and how those we lead feel about themselves when they’re around us affects how well they follow our leadership. It follows then that if we want to be the most effective leaders, we must be emotionally mature.
Developing A Vision For Ministry by Aubrey Malphurs: This book will help you develop and define unique, realistic, and appropriate goals for your ministry. It will help you have a vision that is far-reaching and focused on the details. This vision is what will separate churches with a hodge-podge of ineffective programs and activities from churches that reach people effectively, efficiently, and consistently with the Good News.
Maximizing Your effectiveness by Aubrey Malphurs: Maximizing Your Effectiveness will help you match who you are and your unique spiritual gifts, passions, temperament, talents, and leadership style with the ministry areas where you can best serve Christ’s Church. It is a practical guide that will take you step by step through the process of reaching your full ministry potential for the kingdom of God and discover the peaceful satisfaction that comes from living and serving according to your divine design.

God has given us the power to possess that which He has bestowed on us through Christ Jesus. The confession of His word by faith is the key that opens the door to the incomparable blessing waiting for us. Mark Hankins illustrates how our confession takes us to victory




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