Reflection: Growing People

This year has been a marathon of ups and downs, wins and losses, but one thing for sure is that God has been faithful. As we plan for the upcoming year, let’s develop the people who we implement the ministry or business vision with. Growing people takes more than giving tasks, expectations and getting results or making a profit. It takes coaching, teaching, training, and mentoring to build people. Basically, it will cost you a lot of time, energy, grace, and truth.

Pastor Tim Horton (’85, ’86) a unique perspective regarding growing people.  Instead of waiting for the right people to come along and help, he suggests developing the people we already have. He gives tips on how to develop people.

  • Be Patient: Don’t expect people to grow up overnight. Realize that the people whom God sends you are the ones that He will use in your ministry. He will use the anointing on your life to develop them so that they can stand in a place where you can delegate to them and they can shoulder the responsibility.
  • There Are No Perfect Helpers: Jesus Himself had trouble with His staff. God chooses people not for who they are, but for who they can become. You are in your position because apparently, the Lord saw something in you. Now you have a responsibility to have that same attitude with other people. Believe in them, develop the potential in them and love them.
  • Do Not Promote People Too Quickly: Instead of putting people into positions of authority too fast, get to know them first. If you will wait until the Spirit of God leads you, you will save yourself a lot of problems. Just because people have gifts or natural abilities, does not mean that the right heart is there. God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Look for people with the right heart to serve. If someone is going to be in a position to influence others, then they need to have proven themselves.

God will never send you high-quality people with everything. As leaders, we have the responsibility of digging and developing the potential God has placed in them because we cannot achieve the vision alone.

A great analogy is that of a diamond. Someone has to dig the ground and go through layers of raw rocks and soil to get the stone out. And even after it is dug out, it has to go through categories of grading, cutting and polishing before it is seen as beautiful. As leaders, we have the responsibility to get the diamond out of God’s people and let them thrive in His purpose.

To download the full article by Ps Tim Horton, click here.



Rhema Alumni Association of Zambia (RAAZ) invites all Rhema Alumni to the 8th Graduation ceremony for the Class of 2019 on Friday, 30 November 2019 at 10:00 hours in the MLFC main auditorium. Following the graduation, RAAZ will hold a welcome celebration for the new graduates and all Alumni are welcome.


My wife and I are graduates of Rhema Bible Training Center Zambia (RBTCZ) and we are thankful to God for Ps Walker and  Ps Haley Schurz, Rev. Steven and Cindy Shoop, who came to Zambia and taught us the Word of Faith.
 Receiving an acceptance from Rhema Zambia in 2011 and graduating in 2012, is a great blessing because I wanted to attend Rhema after reading Kenneth Hagin books and Faith Magazines. I previously applied to Rhema South Africa in 1988 but failed to raise funds to go there.
Before Rhema, I was able to plant five branches in 1991. But the Churches were given to other pastors because I lacked the training that was required to run a Church.
Nevertheless, I read one of Kenneth Hagin’s books, which helped us correct the wrong practice that had affected our local Church. The practice was against any member going to the hospital. The leader’s reaction affected my ministry life, but that was deemed normal at that time. Such situations made my desire to go to Rhema grow. Therefore, it was a dream come true when Rhema came to Zambia after being in ministry for 22 years.
After my graduation, we planted a church within our denomination, but because of many spiritual indications and circumstantial occurrences, we asked our leaders to release us so that we could embark on a new Church work.
 After being released, we started a church called the Kingdom Life Bible Church in 2016.
We later applied to be ordained by Rhema Ministerial Alliance International (RMAI) and we thank God that RMAI gave us the license and was ordained. We are registered with the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) and have received great support from other Rhema alumni.
We are grateful to God for Rhema Zambia’s training, which helped us stop going in circles.

Peter (’12) & Grace Kabemba (’14)

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It is a platform for communication, care, sharing victories and challenges, supporting each other spiritually, materially and remain committed to the Rhema Spirit.

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