RHEMA Bible Training Center Zambia accepts admission applications year-round and full-time students register and enroll once a year. All applications must be submitted no later than Friday, 1st December 2019. All admission documents must be received before the student will be accepted to study at Rhema Bible Training Center Zambia.

RHEMA Bible Training Center Zambia accepts qualified students aged 20 and above, all races, nationalities and denominational backgrounds.

Application Procedure

  • Pay K 50 admission application fee*
  • Complete admission application form
  • Submit Pastor’s evaluation form
  • Submit two personal recommendation forms
  • Attach one passport size photo


Procedures for payment:
Tuition Payments should be made directly to the Admission Office

Types of payments allowed;
i.e. Cash, Bank deposit or Bank Transfer. No personal cheques allowed.

RBTCZ does not provide scholarships for students.

Minimum required amount for deposit in the bank for international students:
International students are required to have the minimum amount for repatriation to their home country. A confirmation from the bank will be required from the student.

When transferring in from another authorized RHEMA Bible Training Center, the following are required:

  • Official transcript from RHEMA attended
  • A  notarized copy of First Year Certificate (where official transcripts may not be available)

We invite you to pray about attending RHEMA Bible Training Center Zambia. If you would like to download the application forms, simply click here.

Monday through Thursday – 9:00am-1:00pm

RBTCZ has school breaks during the terms and also observes public holidays as gazetted in Zambia.

Application Deadline for 2020:

First Year Applications                1st November 2019

Second Year Applications          4th October2019

International Applications        4th October 2019

Registration Fee Deadline for 2020:
Friday, 6 December 2019

Date of First Class:
Monday, 13th January 2020


Rhema Zambia is blessed to be able to offer you the finest in ministry training at about a third of the actual cost, thanks to the generous support of ministry partners.

Registration fee payment is due on Friday, 6th  December 2019:

First Year Morning Registration Fee is K1600

Second Year Morning Registration Fee is K1500

First Year Evening Registration Fee is K2000

Second Year Evening Registration Fee is K1900

After the registration fee payment deadline, the following penalties will apply;

  • K200 will be charged from 7th December 2019 to 13th December 2019
  • K400 will be charged from 14th December 2019 to 13th January 2020

Download the Fee structure …here…

The first payment for monthly installment is due on 5th February 2020.
NOTE: All Fees are subject to change without notice.

Application deadlines for 2020 intake

First Year Applications 1st November 2019

Second Year Applications 4th October 2019

International Applications 4th October 2019


Study Permits:
All international applicants who have received their acceptance letters from RBTCZ and have paid tuition fees in full, are required to apply for a study permit before admission into RBTCZ can be completed. Enquire from the nearest Zambian Embassy before traveling.

Requirements for a Study Permit from the Zambian Immigration Department

  • Complete application form.
  • Obtain two recent passport size photographs.
  • Police clearance from applicant’s country of permanent residence. This applies to applicants who are applying from outside Zambia and are 20 years and above.
  • Collect supporting documentation.
  • K 1 500 fee for the permit
  • Photocopies of current passport;
  • Letter of acceptance from the Institution/school;
  • Status of the host, parent or guardian if any;
  • Chest X-Ray report
  • Write a cover letter to Chief Immigration Officer.

General Temporary Residence Information:
Make enquiries from the nearest Zambian Embassy or immigration department.

Download the procedure for application for international students …here…



  • Download the 2020 Application Cover Letter …here…
  • Download the 2020 Application Form (1st Year) …here…
  • Download the 2020 Application Form (2nd Year) …here…
  • Download the Personal Evaluation Form …here…
  • Download the Pastor Evaluation Form …here…
  • Download the Fees Structure …here…